Meet Jordan Kilgren

For years, I felt helpless as a mother. 

I was dependent on doctors to tell me how to care for my children. At the slightest symptom, I would rush to the doctor, praying for a fix and an answer. When one of our sons needed major support, we went to all the doctors and specialists. We followed every single thing they said. We gave him every medication and cream they prescribed, all with little to no relief. 

He actually got worse. More pain for him, more helplessness for me.

I was desperate. I was worn thin. Depleted. 

But something started to shift within me. I began tirelessly searching for help and answers on my own. 

A sweet friend came to sit with me and said, "I can help!" It was like fresh water to my soul! Now, I have tools to reach for when there is an issue. Tools that empower me to be the mama God designed me to be. I feel empowered and supported and seen and cared for. 

Come join our group of fearless mamas and learn how you can find freedom and empowerment with the knowledge and information we share in our exclusive community.

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Updates from Jordan Kilgren

The Devil Wants Us Distracted...

What if the devil’s only goal is to distract us from our most important work? You know, those things God has placed on our hearts or in our homes {kids, I’m referring to our kids ;)}.


This has been heavy on my heart lately. I entered 2020 with a “word” for the first time in my life. Having a word has never really resonated with me… possibly because I’m a do-er of all the things at all the times. Limiting myself to one word sounds like literal hell to me. But this year, I entered January KNOWING in my knower {thank you Jennifer Allwood}, that God was calling me to REST. As if limiting myself to one word isn’t bad enough as a do-er, asking me to rest is probably the next hardest thing.


But I knew it. I’ve never felt a word laid on my heart so clearly from the Lord. I made a vision board for the first time and it all centered around rest. Yet somehow, over the last 8 months, I’ve done everything except rest. Sure, there have been MOMENTS of rest and I’ve gotten really good at resting on Sundays as my Sabbath, but overall, I haven’t rested. I’ve done the opposite. I’ve pushed and strived and worked my tail end off and asked my husband for just one more hour to work on more than one occasion.


And here’s the best {worst?} part. Around my vision board that is centered around the word REST…. I stuck about 58 sticky notes of goals and to-do’s {facepalm x3}.


So back to my question… What if the devil understands that the easiest way to get us out of communion with God is to distract us with everything except what God is calling us to do?


And this isn’t specific to rest.


Y’all there are 40 million things vying for your attention right now. I know because there are 40 million things vying for MY attention. It’s everywhere on social media. Everywhere you look there are things to get upset about, things you KNOW break God’s heart – racism, human trafficking, health and wellness, freedoms being taken, all.the.things.


And please hear my heart… those things are IMPORTANT and AWFUL and God is sitting in Heaven cryyyyying over the awfulness of the world… but what if, they’re serving as a distraction from what God is calling us to? {And maybe God is calling you to specifically serve in one of those areas, this isn’t for you}


My point is, especially as a mama, in this season of rest, that I feel like I’ve only gotten right in the last week, my time can be spent on social media and getting caught up in RIGHTEOUS ANGER over the brokenness of this world which ultimately, I can do very little about on social media {don’t shoot me!} OR I can spend my time pouring everything I have into the sweet, innocent babes God has entrusted me with and serving my family well in an effort to ensure that the evilness ends here.


If you think the devil only works in massive steps of outright evil, you’re wrong. He knows you’d point that right out and turn away from it. It’s in the little things that pull your eyes just slightly off God and place them on the current thing that is sickening and heartbreaking and evil. If he can get your eyes fixated on something other than God, he can weasel his way in through that little space and cause it to grow and grow and grow. {Y’all MUST read The Screwtape Letters!}


I’m NOT saying don’t care or don’t be upset or don’t fight. I just think, for me, and I pray this speaks to you as well, my first priority must be giving my family my best. And I can’t do that if I’m always worked up over whatever the next awful thing social media is telling me to worry about.




I CAN however, show my kids what unconditional love looks like. I CAN have serious conversations with my teen about racism. I CAN give my toddlers my full attention and teach them how to protect themselves. I CAN rest in knowing that God knows exactly what He’s doing in the world right now.


And IF you feel like you are being led to fight against any of the awful things currently going on in the world, I am your biggest cheerleader… with one condition. You MUST get off social media at some point. Words without action are words. We just had this conversation with our oldest last night. Social media is a great start, but if God is truly calling you to fight, take some big ole steps of faith and get your hands dirty in the places social media doesn’t see. But know that what you do within the walls of your home, is also of massive impact on the world, even though we may never see it this side of Heaven.



I Never Feel Like a Great Mom Till I Do This...

I'm tearing up as I'm writing this because as soon as the thought popped into my head I knew 1) it needed to be said and 2) that it was for sure something I needed to implement in my own life more often.. probably right now. 

We as moms are always searching for "balance" right? Like I want to be peaceful & present with my family, have a clean house, dinner on the table at 5, bring in some kind of income, exercise daily, eat spinach all day, be a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets (sorry ma!)... and never feel one ounce of stress because I've found the perfect way to balance it all.

So we search for systems to implement and follow people whose ideas we like and we work really hard to juggle all 58 balls in perfect synchrony. And then one small thing happens and we lose our ever loving sh!t. We snap at our kids or ignore our husbands or turn into a bear who just wants to hibernate and be left alone FOREVER. I'm in this place right now.

We're in this journey together to become more peaceful and present, more brave and balanced. But sometimes... I just feel STUUUUUCK. Like I've made zero progress and like I am not any more of those things I listed above than I was a few years ago.

But what if I told you I had the secret sauce to make you feel like the true champion of your home? That feeling when you CRUSH your to-do list, love on your kids and husband hard, make a healthy dinner, and get the kids to bed without a fight (I think this is what heaven will be like ha!)

It's so easy mama... yet so challenging... 


Shut it down. Turn off social media. Turn your whole dang phone off and put it away if you need to. (Tell your family and friends first so they don't send the police out to check on you lolz)

Shut it down. Play with your kids. Mark some stuff off your to-do list. Get into nature. Spend quiet time alone. Lay on the couch and watch a movie. Pray. Bake your neighbors (and your kids) cookies. Go to lunch with a friend.


We don't need to keep looking at others and measuring our own success, we'll never compare to their only perfect parts of life shown on social media. 

(I try to share the crazy as much as the good but if I ever let on that I have it all figured out, please come to our house any time so I can set you straight REAL quick like ;) )

A sweet friend recommended this book to me that gives wonderful tips about how to step away from your phone and INTO your family. So so good!

XO Jordan

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