Morning Baskets

Sometimes I feel like our day just starts off on the wrong foot and stays there 

The kids wake up early, during my quiet time, they're whiny (from waking up early, obvi), I let them watch a show so I can finish my quiet time, one gets hungry and therefore whiny, I give up on quiet time, throw together breakfast and we all continue to be annoyed all day. 

Enter the beloved Morning Baskets

These baskets are FILLED with activities and books, specific to their age and likes, that require little to no help. Meaning I can finish reading my Bible or make breakfast in peace or even get ready for the day! *GASP*

Each of my boys has a basket (these are adorable and sturdy and hold a lot - different color but honestly I wish I had them in the steel :D ). In the morning, when they wake up, if breakfast is not ready yet, for whatever reason (like I haven't drank all of my coffee yet ha!), I just hug them and ask them to go to the table where I set their morning baskets the night before. 

They LOVE these baskets! And they entertain them for SO long!! Most times I have to pull them away from them for breakfast and allow them to go back later. I call that a WIN!

Some ideas for morning baskets:
*sketch books - Let their imaginations run wild with free hand drawing and coloring or have them use stencils or a step by step drawing book like the ones listed below. Sometimes I just draw their name in bubble letters and let them color it in. 
*stencils - These stencils bring me right back to my childhood. They're easy to use, there are TONS of fun designs, and my kids love drawing random images AND creating a whole scene in their sketch books!
* dry erase pouches - Each of the littler boys has a dry erase pouch that I printed a tracing practice of their name and for our 5 year old I put some easy math facts on the other side.
*drawing book for younger kids - My 5 year old LOVES to do step by step drawing videos. But I don't always love that he's on screen, especially first thing in the morning. This book has step by step instructions on how to draw fun, yet simple designs!
*drawing book for older kids - These are great for older kids!
*addition and subtraction flash cards - Perfect for my 5 year old kindergartener.
*alphabet flash cards - Great for my 3 year old who is just learning letters and sounds.
*dry erase workbook - Sometimes they need guidance on these but sometimes they just trace or color on their own... which means I choose peace over perfection ;)
*lined dry erase board - Sensing a theme here? I'm a cheapskate and love things that can be used over and over with simple cleanup, I know you do too ;) Give me all the dry erase things!!! 
*markers - As a teachers' daughter, yes that's multiple teachers lol, I only allow Crayola in my house haha
*twistable crayons - I LOVE these because they're easy to use, hard to break, and seem to last longer!
*devotional - This is not something they do independently but something I am to do with them each morning so if it's in the morning baskets, it's easier to remember! We are LOVING this one because my kiddos are really into science and nature, especially since our move to the country! Louie Giglio does a fantastic job making these interesting, understandable, and truly pointing out how cool God's creation is!!!

Obviously these can be changed and customized to fit your kids' ages and likes. And I love that I can change them as my kids grow and change! So easy! So fun! Here's to peaceful mornings!

What would you include in a basket for your child?! Need help coming up with some ideas? I would LOVE to help you in all things motherhood, but especially this!

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