The Last Place You'll Need to Look to Achieve Your Dream Home Environment
What does your ideal home look like? Not the landscaping or the shutters. Not the perfect wall color or the perfect decor. But the environment in your home, what does that look like?

For me it's peace + joy. And that seems to comes from well-behaved children, enough quality time with each person in my home, a clean house (not spotless but also not like four tornados hit each day and we are some kind of swamp monsters made of mud ha!), enough time in the day for me to get done what I feel needs done, no guessing what's for breakfast lunch and dinner - and for that matter... no kids always asking to be fed, amirite?! 

But y'all... I feel like I have looked a million different places for help, and routines, and cleaning schedules, and answers, and meal plans, and chore charts, and it leaves my head spinning because I've found all these great ideas from 17 people and then I try to work every single one into my home (facepalm or eyerolling emoji, you pick).

What would it look like to have all of that in one place? Broken down into daily tasks, loaded with tons of tips and tricks, with weekly grocery lists and menu ideas that fit each family (trust me... we've tried just about every style of eating and have the weirdest schedules lol Ask me about the time Kade could ONLY eat lamb and poi or how we manage public school AND homeschool eating schedules plus a husband who works third shift and sleeps all day. And then add in sports and SWAT team call-outs and trainings! We cray cray.), sprinkle in low-tech ideas for the whole family, dates, and ways to make time for YOU, yeah I'm looking at YOU MAMA!

No more Pinterest boards with 400 pins you've never even looked at (raising my hand). No more feeling like a failure because you aren't consistent. No more stress and overwhelm from trying to figure it all out and running a million miles a minute one day then crashing the next. No more snapping at your kids or your husband because you are drained from the chaos or the lack of getting it all done and feeling less than. 

It would look like peace. I've said it before and I'll say it again... "If mama ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy!"

Mamas, when we are at peace, when we feel like we accomplished whatever is on our hearts, when things "flow well', when we make time for ourselves, when we give ourselves grace... we are more peaceful. Which makes our family more peaceful. Which makes us all more JOYFUL!!!!

I want you here with me mama. I want you to walk into victory and I want to have my arm wrapped around your shoulder, smiling, as I walk into victory with you! I am claiming it for both of us right now!

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