How Grace turned into Empowerment, Empowerment to Freedom
We were literally desperate. Gasping for air. Clinging to whatever vine of hope we could find that we were promised would pull us out of the hamster wheel of symptoms to "fixes" to new or worse symptoms to new "fix-alls"... and we were completely beaten down and defeated.

Three years ago, this was our life. I was just reminded by my Facebook memories. I felt like a failure as a mother. Like I couldn't even care for my kids without being told by a doctor what to do.

Little did I know, the things inside our home, the things allowed to cross into our safe space, were slowly ruining our health and quickly wrecking our middle son's entire body. 

Luckily, God, in all his infinite grace and mercy, brought a sweet friend back into my life, into my living room. She sat on my floor and listened to my heart breaking and told me how much I was loved. How God had created me specifically to be these boys' mama. How He had empowered me to make choices and take control of our home and our health. And how God, in all His infinite wisdom, had created plants to help us care for ourselves and our families.

There was zero judgement for the candles I had burning. Or the blue dish soap that sat on my kitchen sink. Just grace and a chance a fresh start.

I was ALL IN.

We quickly ditched every candle and room spray and replaced it with plants, a diffuser, and plant juices.

We took all 20 cleaners that were locked under our kitchen sink and replaced them with one, powerful, plant based cleaner that no longer needed locked up.

We started researching our children's health issues and became empowered when we realized that whole body health was within our reach. 

And I am not even kidding you, we noticed a shift within DAYS.

My mindset was forever changed as a wife and mama. I am the gatekeeper. I have the final say when it comes to what is best for my family. And I walk that truth BOLDLY ready to share with everyone I meet, because frankly, God was gracious enough to allow me to have this experience, and I know everyone deserves this kind of freedom.

Our bodies work and function and flow like I believe God intended them to. We no longer spend weeks passing sicknesses back and forth. If we have an ache or pain, we know how to bring our bodies back into balance. 

We are healthier than we have ever been. And I feel younger and more energized than ever before! (till I watch Tik Tok videos hahaha)

I like to think of it like that example from childhood about the airplane that starts in Texas and is heading to New York. If the pilot gets off course by ONE degree, the plane will end up in a completely different location than planned. 

Young Living was that catalyst for us. That one degree shift that set us on a course for a completely different and better life than we could have ever imagined. And I am forever grateful.

Mamas (or papas!) are you tired and worn out and defeated? I was too. I remember wondering if it would ever stop. Know that I pray for you often. And I'm here and ready to welcome you, judgement free, into this glorious freedom God has called us to! 

XO Jordan


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